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After we had decided that I would try to find a good home for one of Fly's pups, we had to decide, which of the pups Joan would send to Finland. At that time the pups did not have "real" names and they were just called Pup One, Pup Two and so forth. And of course they were called the "Hot Nickel-litter". On February 3rd Joan sent me an e-mail with photos of the whole litter posing on the table. I must say that all the pups were of excellent quality and I wonder how Joan could get all the 8 weeks old pups to pose so nicely! Of course Joan had her favourite already then - as it is really much easier to evaluate pups when you see them alive. And I had to make my decision only by photos. I hope that I have made the right choice. But I must say that trying to find the best of a superior litter really is difficult!

The next step was the "marketing" - who would qualify to be the owner of such a special pup? I wrote a story to the Finnish Spitz Club Magazine "PYSTYKORVA" about Joan and her life with the Finnish Spitz. I also put an ad on my homepages to inform of the possibility. I received inquiries, but I had to turn many down, because I did wish to find an owner who would have enough energy and activity to show and work with the dog.

Finally I had three candidates left and two of them hesitated, because they were afraid of all the bureaucracy there is when importng a dog to Finland. I hope that I have made the right choice this time too.

The pup I chose was named Helmi, which actually means "Pearl". She in fact has three black pearls on her face - two keen, black eyes and a wet, black nose, that hopefully will find game in the future. She will be owned by Johanna Heimonen, who is an active young lady, with lots of experience about dogs

Joan has during this past two months sent me many photos of Helmi and I wish to share them with all of you.

Helmi and Hiekka 9th of February -04    25th of February -04
Winter time is fun for pups.
Helmi (front) and Hiekka playing in the snow.

Helmi feels cozy inside.
Helmi posing at 8 weeks Helmi posing at 14 weeks

Helmi the day before she left her old home for a new home 04.21.-04      

Helmi has now arrived to Finland. Her long journey accross half of the world did not bother her at all. Johanna says that a very energetic little creature came to her pack. Helmi is a very happy puppy and curious of everything. And it seems she likes to eat too. Johanna is very pleased with Helmi's character and conformation. She is very interested in the birds that fly, so we hope she will become a good hunter too. She is very alert and uses her senses of smell and hearing very actively. It is soon time to introduce her to the forests.

Johanna will call her Ruuti (gunpowder) as she has shown to be a real energy bomb. From now on I will call her Ruuti (even if her pages are called Helmi's homepages). Ruuti has become fond of Johanna's oldest Siberian Husky male "Mokku" and Johanna's oldest SH female "Viivi" acts as a "Lady's Companion" and a foster-mother and does not mind all the dragging and playing.

All paperwork will be done soon. The registration papers and pedigree have been sent to the Finnish Kennel Club and soon Ruuti will get her new papers. Ruuti visited the vet for a routine check and the micro-chip could be read as well - so she will not need a new one for identification. The vet had obviously read the story I wrote to the PYSTYKORVA-magazine as he asked if this was the new import. Ruuti is already becoming famous :) He also praised Ruuti's temperament and character as the little pup stood on the table as Joan has taught her to do, she is very tractable and brave little girl.

Ruuti will attend her first real show in puppy class as soon as she is old enough. We have classes for 5-7months and 7-9months old pups, but not all shows have puppy classes.The first possible one will be on the 11th of July and we are looking forward to that happening.