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Jyväskylä 20th November 2004 Judge Matti Palojärvi
Brownish red, with minor color variation. Medium sized. Light head. Correct proportions. Nice coat. Ideal tail. Pleasing temperament.
Junior Quality Class VERY GOOD, Junior Competition Class 1.

Helsinki WINNER SHOW 5th December 2004 Judge Tapio Eerola
43cm. Correct proportions, nearly one year. Nice type of head. Pleasing expression. Eyes, ears and bite OK. Good chest, bone in legs and angulation. Good tail. Yellowish red color. Moves quite fluently. Could use her hocks more efficiently. Friendly temperament.
Junior Quality Class EXCELLENT, Junior Competition Class 2, Best Bitch 4, ResCC.

Kajaani 9th January 2005 Judge Risto Tuomainen
43cm. Medium red. Medium sized. Proper strength. Very good type. Nice expression in head. Body could be more squarish. Proper limb structure. A bit tight tail. Coat could be more profound. Nice temperament.
Junior Quality Class VERY GOOD, Junior Competition Class 3.

Kuopio 16th January 2005 Judge Hannu Talvi
Yellowish red. A little bigger than medium size. Correct proportions. A bit light lower jaw, a little light eyes, otherwise good head. Overall very good stucture. Good coat quality, normal tail, temperament and movement.
Junior Quality Class VERY GOOD, Junior Competition Class 1.

Tuusniemi 5th February 2005 Judge Jari Fors
Reddish brown. Medium sized. Good head. Ears leaning forward. Good body and proportions. Good legs and coat. A little tight tail. Correct temperament.
Junior Quality Class VERY GOOD, Junior Competition Class 1.

Kangasniemi 16th April 2005 Judge Antti Aarnio
Brownish red. A little bigger than medium size. Balanced. Strong structure in a positive way. General appearance excellent. Correct head shape. Good body and limb structure. Beautiful tail. Sufficent coat. Moves well. Temperament correct.
Yougster Quality Class EXCELLENT, Yougster Competition Class 1, CC, Best Bitch1, BOS

Mikkeli 5th May Judge Esko Nummijärvi.
Very good type. Slightly long bodied strong bitch. Very beautiful head and beautiful ears. Good body and back. Tightly curled tail. Angulations could be slightly bigger. Colour could be clearer. Good coat. Very well presented.
Youngster Quality Class VERY GOOD, Youngster Competition Class 2

Lapinlahti 22nd May 2005 Judge Erkki Tuominen

photo © Kati Saastamoinen

A little bit bigger than medium sized. Bright yellowish red. Beautiful head shape and expression. Compact body. Excellent limb structure. Beautiful colour. Gorgeous tail. Presents her very well.
Yougster Quality Class EXCELLENT, Yougster Competition Class 1, CC, Best Bitch1, BOB, Group1, BIS 2


photos © Kati Saastamoinen

Leppävirta 29th May 2005 Judge Sakari Poti
Size 43 cm. Yellowish red. A little bigger than medium size. Strog type. Beautiful head style. Excellent body and limb structure. Tail slightly short and curled far back. Coat not at its best. Good movements. Lively temperament.
Youngster Quality Class EXCELLENT, Best Bitch 2, CC

Pieksämäki 11th June 2005 Judge Arvi Ellmen
Size 43 cm. Yellowish red, little over middle size, bitch with correct proportions, who has a good head and topline, good tail, strong boned correctly angulated legs, well presented and presents herself well, coat not quite in the best condition.
Youngster Quality Class EXCELLENT Best Bitch 2, CC

(the judge said after the evaluation, that the other did win only because of the better coat condition...)

Sonkajärvi 3rd July 2005 Judge Hannu Talvi
Yellowish red, ideal size, good proportions, correct head shape, but the shedding disturbs the expression. Proper strength of body, good limbs, quite a good coat. Ideal tail, performs and moves ideally.
Youngster Quality Class EXCELLENT Best Bitch 3

Kuopio 24th July 2005 Judge Rainer Vuorinen
Good proportions, but in very poor coat condition. Beautiful head and eyes. Slightly overshot. Good ears and topline and tailset. Free movements.
Youngster Quality Class GOOD

Jyväskylä 19th November 2005 Judge Hans Lehtinen
Good integrity. Performs and is presented excellently. Excellent bodied bitch, with proper bone. Good limbs and angulations. Very elegant entity.
Youngster Quality Class EXCELLENT Best Bitch 2, Res-CC, Res-CACIB

Helsinki WINNER-SHOW 2005 17th December 2005 Judge Riita Lahtovaara
Very good type, bitch with correct proportions and gender stamp. Beautiful head, quite large, light eyes spoil some of the expression. Good neck. Good topline and tail. Adequate body. Sufficiently angulated limbs. Rear paws turn out. Correct coat quality, colour light red. Effortless movement. Temperament OK.
Open Class VERY GOOD

Helsinki NORDIC WINNER-SHOW 2005 18th of December 2005 Judge Angela Cavill, UK
Nice, clear light red, in good coat. Very feminin. Good legs & angulation. Tail OK. Needs ears. Dark eyes. Moved well.
Open Class EXCELLENT, Best Bitch 4, CC

(this was the last CC needed for the Finnish Championship. Now Ruuti will concentrate in hunting trials. Keep your thumbs up!)

Helsinki EUROPEAN WINNER-SHOW 2006 10th of June 2006 Judge Pekka Teini
Very typical bitch with correct proportions, today shown in stout condition, which shows in the soft back. Correct head for a female. Good structure and bone in limbs. Very elegant. Good tail and coat. Good temperament, moves very beautifully.
Open Class VERY GOOD, Open Competition Class 1