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Šaman´s kennel breeding philosophy
Saman´s kennel
"The purpose and goal of all breeding is a dog that is workable, typey and physically and mentally sound."

This sentence has been a motto of Šaman´s kennel from the time, when we still were considering the purchase of our first Siberian Huskies. We had a fixed plan in which direction we would go with our breeding. The choosing of dogs for breeding is utmost important, that is why we planned and searched for the first ones for a long time. Our Siberian Husky fancy began during the worst possible time, because in the beginning of 1980s the future of the Siberian Husky as a working sled dog seemed to be if not entirely impossible, then at least very controversial.

We had as beginners read the "Blue Book" (Finnish Siberian Husky Club's publication "Siberian Husky - Sled Dog") and all possible Siberian Hysky Magazines and established our conception according to them, from which bloodlines we could try to find dogs for our purpose. At that time over twenty years ago the Finnish Siberian Husky population was exceptionally messed up. There was so called "Old Finnish" strain and lighter bodied so called working or racing line dogs, and all possible mixtures of these two. Many Siberian Huskies at that time also lacked breed type. The uniformity in the breed was completely missing. As we did want to have a WORKING DOG - a SLED DOG, which had working attitude and would be mentally well adapted and also would please our eye, all extreme types were disqualified from our selections. In addition we wanted to have foundation dogs that were according to the standard and all could recognize as Siberian Huskies.

Because we use the dog team as a substitute for a skiidoo, it is necessary that dogs can and are willing to work. Motive is often minor in for example hauling firewood as the normal agility of of the dog is restricted with various commands, stoppings and waitings. The snow is also more often deep and the trail poor, but a purebred original Siberian Husky does not need a motive for his pulling. It pulls for the mere fun of it, unconcerned of the efficiency of the progression as the pulling sits very fast in his heritage.

We have tried to strengthen the main qualities of the Siberian Husky, such as leader qualities, guts, toughness and arctic qualities which are good coat and tough feet. The goal of our breeding has been to preserve strong mental sled dog qualities, that can be called guts and harshness. Guts can be seen in relentlessness in difficult situations. Harshness includes for example tolerating severe cold and an ability to act when tired, regardless of strain. Leader qualities have been on top of our goal, but no matter how great our hopes have been, all dogs never become leaders. Many do learn all the commands and cheers, but they do not have the self confidence to run in lead, as everybody else is "chasing". Of course not all can be leaders, we need also team dogs.

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