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  • The History of Northern Spitzdogs

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  • Šaman´s-kennel was established in 1984, when the Finnish Kennel Club accepted and verified the name. Originally it was meant to be Shaman´s, but someone had a similar name and that was not accepted. It became SAMAN´S, because the Finnish Kennel Club does not accept foreign letters. Correct speelling is with a Š, like in the logo - Šaman´s.

    At first the kennel bred only Siberian Huskies. During the years there has been eleven litters born. A few litters have been born according to an agreement, where a Šaman´s-kennel dam has been mated with a sire we had chosen. After the litter has been born and sold the dam changed owner.

    The main goal in breeding has been to maintain strong mental workability, that can be called guts and harshness. The guts show in a way of not giving up in severe conditions. Harshness includes the ability to tolerate very cold weather, the ability to function even tired without strain and stress. Leader characteristics have also been a high target, but all dogs never become leaders. Most dogs learn all commands and encouragements, but the head is not strong enough to run in lead, as the rest of the gang is like chasing the leader. Of course not all can be leaders, we need also team dogs.

    When our son got to an age when he could aquire a hunting licence, we purchased a Nordic Spitz. The decision was not easy, because the Nordic Spitz was quite a rare breed then, actually it is still rare. All hunting breeds that were short coated and only for one kind of game were eliminated from our list. From native Finnish breeds the Finnish Spitz for its sensitiveness to bark too much and the Karelian Bear Dog for its stubbornness prevented their selection. Norwegian Elkhound was on the list, but its one-sidedness for only hunting and barking the elk (moose) strook it out. Finally we came to a decision to take a Nordic Spitz, which has for ages and ages been a all game multipurpose hunting dog. As a positive surprise we found that the Nordic Spitz is a jovial and adaptable breed, who is friends with everybody.

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